Useful Links

Below are links, grouped into categories, to sites that I find useful and/or interesting.


  • arXiv - a repository of electronic preprints (known as e-prints) approved for publication after moderation;
  • Google Scholar - a search engine for scholarly literature;
  • AustMS/ARC Journal Rankings;
  • MSC - 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification Code Database;
  • OEIS - the online enclyclopedia of integer sequences;
  • ORCID - provides persistent digital identifiers to distinguish researchers from each other;
  • GAP - a system for computational discrete algebra;
  • GAP semigroups package - a GAP package containing methods for semigroups, monoids, and inverse semigroups, principally of transformations, partial permutations, bipartitions, subsemigroups of regular Rees $0$-matrix semigroups, free inverse semigroups, and free bands;
  • Math Overflow - question based (research level);
  • Mathematics Stack Exchange - question based (general);
  • Reddit's Math Subreddit;
  • Math Bin - a paste tool for LaTeX/mathematics;
  • The Grammar According to West - some useful observations and suggestions for writing mathematics;
  • Advice to a Young Mathematician - Chapter VIII from The Princeton Companion to Mathematics.



educational resources